In many ways, glasses have always been a symbol of intelligence. Whether it’s a character in a film or someone we meet for the first time, if they are wearing glasses our first impression of them is most often an assumption that they’re smart.

But now we know that there many be a reason for that.

Recent studies published in the journal Nature Communications have discovered that being required to wear glasses is associated with higher levels of intelligence.

This study was the largest of it’s kind to be conducted and researchers from the University of Edinburgh collected cognitive and genetic data from a group of more than 300,000 people aged 16 to 102 years.

After analysing their study’s results, they reported a, “significant genetic overlap between general cognitive function, reaction time, and many health variables including eyesight, hypertension, and longevity”.

But it’s important to remember that although there have been correlations between intelligence and poor eye sight, they are not conclusive links. But that still doesn’t stop us from applying this idea to our everyday lives.

It has been known that some defence lawyers will advise their clients to wear glasses during trial, as it can soften their appearance and portray them as honest and incapable of breaking the law. It is also applied in pop culture, with the geeky member of a friendship group or professionals in films who are always accessorised with glasses.

This is because multiple other studies have also found that those who wear glasses are perceived as more intelligent, dependable, honest and industrious.

So, what are you waiting for? Book your eye appointment with one of our opticians today to see if you require glasses, as you never know what it could mean for you.

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