Thanks to the hard work of F8 Creates we have just launched our new and improved website. I’m an expert in my own field, but I need advice on almost everything outside this field. This is especially the case when it comes to the latest marketing/advertising streams inc. the web. It has been and will now always be the most powerful way of contacting new and old customers, and F8 are in the front when it comes to innovation and design within this field.

We gave the F8 boys some ideas that we had in mind for our own website, they then took it up a few levels and came back with… well, you can see for yourself!

I have been working with F8 for a few years now, and have always been very impressed with the work they have done. They have a fast understanding, no-nonsense, intuitive way of looking at your business, which is then backed up with the latest design innovations in the web. They are always there to help with new ideas and you can see the excitement in them which shows in all their work. When I was writing the pages for the website, they kept chasing me to get it finished so it could go live earlier and bring in new business. That sort of efficiency impressed me! It is good to be chased by your web design company, rather than having to chase them!

If you are looking for a website as superb as ours, then you can get in touch with F8 Creates here.

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