As anyone who has bought a new pair of glasses will know, it can be a tough to keep our spectacles in tip top condition! So here we offer a few top tips for looking after your glasses that should keep them looking and working better for longer.  

Every day lens treatment

It’s important to clean your glasses each day with a lens cloth and lens cleaner that will clear away light dirt. Once you have cleaned your lenses make sure to wipe them dry with your lens cloth or a soft, clean tissue to avoid the collection of residue. If you’re not using your glasses straight away, simply leave them to air dry, but never dry them against clothing or any other rough material.  

Thorough cleaning

To clean both your lenses and the frames of your glasses, use lukewarm running water and a drop of Ph neutral washing fluid. Always hold your glasses on the side of the frames you are cleaning as this helps to prevent warping or breakage. To make sure your glasses are as clean and hygienic as possible, it is also advisable to clean the sides of your frames and the nose-pads on the bridge of the frame.

Check the mechanics

The mechanism of the frames of your glasses are just as important as the lenses, so make sure they are in good shape and aren’t allowed to bend out of place and become unbalanced. Be especially careful to make sure that the screws that hold the frames together aren’t loose and use a small screwdriver to tighten them gently when required.

Case rules

It sounds obvious, but using a protective carry case will go a long way to preserving your glasses! Always keep your glasses case with you and make sure your specs never end up in a jumbled handbag or rucksack where they are likely to be scratched or even worse, broken.

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