As we grow older, our eyesight can begin to change. Eventually, text can become more difficult to read, so you may need to start wearing reading spectacles. These are designed for easy reading in low light settings and to ease any fatigue, headaches or blurry vision you experience.

However, to benefit, you must make sure that you have the correct reading spectacles. If you have any concerns after reading this blog, book an appointment with our team to double check your prescription.

Signs You Need Reading Spectacles

The warning signs of needing reading spectacles may not be so obvious at first. However, if the following symptoms do persist, please book an opticians appointment. This will allow a professional to examine your eyesight to spot anything that may need aiding.

If you need reading spectacles, you will most likely be experiencing blurred vision while reading. Holding a book closer or further away for clearer vision is a common sign of needing reading spectacles. You may also struggle with smaller text in dim lighting or while concentrating on close work (such as handcrafts).

If your eyes are straining to read, you may experience frequent headaches. This can be a sign of many other things, however, if this is combined with blurred vision, enquire about an eye examination.

Warning Signs of the Wrong Prescription

If you have been prescribed the wrong spectacles, there are often warning signs.

Headaches are the most common warning sign of wearing the wrong spectacles. If your prescription is wrong, it is most likely only ever so slightly wrong. Therefore, it may be a few days after you begin wearing your new reading spectacles that you begin to experience regular headaches which disappear after removing your spectacles.

As expected, the wrong prescription can also lead to blurred vision. Typically, with new prescriptions, you may experience blurred vision on the first few days. This could just be your eyes adjusting to your new lenses. However, if this blurred vision persists over two weeks, revisit your optician.

Blurred vision can also cause vertigo: a dizzy sensation when stood up or sat down.

Protecting Your Eyesight

To protect your eyesight, booking regular eye tests with your optician is essential. This will allow your optician to monitor your eye health as you age, in addition to checking for symptoms requiring treatment or an updated prescription.

At Dominic Tunnell Opticians we offer vast expertise in eye examinations and spectacles. Our bespoke services ensure that each customer receives first class eye care for their individual vision requirements. With state of the art testing equipment and a team of dedicated professionals, you can feel safe in our care.

To book your appointment, please complete our enquiry form or alternatively, call us on 01905 950267. We are happy to assist you.

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