In recent months, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has been seen throughout the world and there has been significant focus on health and hygiene measures to help prevent 

the spread of the virus. There has also been a lot of discussion on how lockdown measures in the UK have had an effect on people’s health. One area that has mostly been forgotten in these discussions is the impact of lockdown on eye health. 

For the best part of two months, the vast majority of us were restricted to staying at home most of the time, with huge numbers of people working from home, children being homeschooled, and a large percentage of people furloughed from work. These measures have meant that many people have spent hours looking at screens. Whether holding online meetings, watching films or TV series, learning new skills, or taking online classes, the exposure to blue light can have a negative impact on eye health. 

Blue light from devices such as laptops, computer screens, tablets and smartphones can penetrate into the retina. This can lead to eye strain, blurry and out of focus vision, redness of the eyes, itching, fatigue, headaches or even burning sensations. If left ignored, these discomforts could lead to a number of eye problems.

While the threat of future lockdown measures loom, here are some important tips for looking after your eye health. 

Take regular breaks

If you are working from home, needless to say, you will need to spend a fair few hours a day staring at a screen. With this in mind, be sure to take regular breaks from work. Every 15 minutes or so, take a minute or so away from the screen – close your eyes for a few seconds and allow them to relax. 

Every hour or so, wash your face and massage the muscles around your eyes (being careful not to rub your eyes with your hands). If you are experiencing dry eyes, make an effort to blink more. 

Work in good light conditions

Dim or fluorescent lights can be just as bad for your eyes as working in a dark room as both can lead to eye strain, which is bad for your eye health. If you can, work in a room with as much natural light as possible so as not to put your eyes under any extra strain. You should also continue to take note of the advice above and continue to take regular breaks. 

Spend time with your family

When you finish work, spending time with your family is a great way to stay away from screens. Playing games and talking is a great way to distract you from technology, and generally make you feel good. 

Be mindful of screen time

It’s very easy to spend the majority of waking hours staring at one screen or another, so sometimes the best way to cut down on screen time is to be mindful of how much time you are spending looking at screens. Try to introduce new hobbies and activities that will help you rest your eyes and stay away from blue light rays. 

Book an eye health examination 

It’s important to arrange an eye examination at least once every two years, however, if you are experiencing eye problems, you should book an appointment with your optician, who can check for any underlying illnesses. 

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