MS Awareness Week runs from 20th April – 26th April 2020 in aim to raise awareness of Multiple Sclerosis, with many people taking to social media as part of #ThisIsMS #MSWeek. MS can affect our bodies in many ways, including our eyesight. While many people recover well with their eye problems, there is support available if it doesn’t get better. 

In our latest blog, we are going to explore how MS affects your eyes and how our team at Dominic Tunnell Opticians can help. 

Early Symptoms 

When diagnosed with MS, the most common eyesight problems are related to Optic Neuritis and eye movement problems, such as twitching. If you do begin to notice changes in your eye health or behaviour, please get in touch with an optician. 

Optic Neuritis 

For 1 in 5 people diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, Optic Neuritis was the first symptom they experienced. Optic Neuritis often only affects one eye and causes areas of weak vision or blind spots. This is due to damage caused to the optic nerve, which connects your eye to your brain. In addition, you may also notice a difference in how you see colour. Colours may begin to look drained if you suffer with MS. 


In short, Diplopia is when you experience double vision after damaging the nerve pathways responsible for controlling your eye movements. This will mean that your eyes will not be aligned properly, causing you to see two of some things. This can be an unnerving experience for some people, so please find support as soon as you can. 

Eye Movement 

Nystagmus can encourage your eyes to move in a way which is involuntary and rhythmical. For example, you may notice your eyes moving up and down or from side to side. You may also lose control of how your eye moves in a certain direction, creating the illusion that things are moving when they are not. 

How Opticians Can Help 

Routine optician appointments, at least once every two years, are recommended to monitor any early signs of vision problems. By identifying symptoms in their earliest stages we can advise patients much quicker. 

During your eye examination, our team will examine the following: 

  • How well you can see from a distance 
  • Your field of vision 
  • Eye muscle strength and efficiency 
  • Pressure inside your eyeball 
  • How bright light causes your pupils to react 
  • General eye health and any changes 

At Dominic Tunnell Opticians we are here to help and if you are experiencing changes in your vision, please reach out. During this time, our practice is currently closed for appointments, but we are still available via telephone and email. You can reach our team on 01905 613020 every day 9:00am to 12:00 pm or longer depending on demand or at 

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