From sports accidents to factory debris, there are many different causes of eye injuries. Some are simply unavoidable, where others can be prevented very easily by wearing appropriate eyewear

Additionally, several different types of eye injury can be acquired. Corneal abrasions are a common eye injury, which can be caused by getting poked in the eye. 

Corneal abrasions are easily recognisable, as the eye becomes very uncomfortable, red and sensitive to light. However, not all eye injuries are obvious to spot. 

Detached retinas, for example, can only be seen during a doctor’s examination. Nevertheless, here are some tips to help you recognise and treat eye injuries. 

Key Symptoms of Eye Injuries

If an eye injury is not adequately treated it can result in loss of vision and potentially blindness. Therefore, it is vitally important that eye injuries are detected and tended to as soon as possible. 

After obtaining an eye injury, if the level of pain does not reduce over time you must seek medical advice. The same applies to symptoms such as vision loss, blood spots in the clear part of the eye and lack of movement in one eye. 

If one eye protrudes more than the other or you notice that one of your pupils looks different, you must talk to a qualified doctor. 

You should also be wary if you feel like there is something in your eye that tears and regular blinking can’t remove.

Treating Eye Injuries

Most corneal abrasions and eye scratches should heal on their own within a few days. However, you should treat all eye injuries as potential emergencies, and never hesitate to contact an optician immediately. 

You only have one pair of eyes, so don’t ignore the potential implications of what might appear as a minor eye injury.

Injuries such as cuts, chemical burns or foreign bodies stuck in the eye are emergencies. Don’t try to treat these yourself! Contact your local optician or visit A&E immediately. 

For chemical burns, we would advise you to flush the eye with clean water and then seek medical assistance right away. 

Get in touch!

If you have sustained an eye injury or have any concerns regarding eye injuries, you should contact our team, who will be able to advise you on your next steps. 

At Dominic Tunnell Opticians, we don’t offer appointments for eye injuries. However, we can refer you to the suitable department, hospital or doctor to help you find the correct treatment.  

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