As we wear our glasses on a daily basis, they can quickly get dirty over time and there is nothing more irritating than a smudged lens. Many of us get into bad habits such as using the shirt we are wearing to clean our glasses, however, this is a terrible way to clean the lenses as the shirt is likely filled with dust that could scratch them.

Whilst cleaning glasses on our clothes is a bad idea, the right way is very simple. Follow these 8 easy steps:

Make sure your hands are clean

First of all, you should wash and dry your hands thoroughly to make sure they are free from any dirt or anything that could be transferred to your lenses. Be sure to use soap that is lotion free.

Rinse your glasses

Rinsing your glasses helps to wash away dust, dirt and debris. Hold your glasses carefully under a gentle stream of lukewarm water. If the water is too hot, it can cause damage to some lens coatings.

Apply a very small amount of dishwashing liquid

Apply a drop or two of lotion-free dishwashing liquid directly to each lens, or if you prefer, to your fingertip. Remember that most dishwashing liquids are highly concentrated, so be sure only to use a tiny amount so as not to damage your lenses.

Rub your glasses gently for a few seconds

Rub all parts of your glasses, including both sides of the lenses and your frames. Don’t forget the nose pads or the ends of the temples as these are areas where debris and skin oils can commonly build-up.

Rinse away the dishwashing liquid

Remember to use on a gentle stream of lukewarm tap water so as not to cause any damage to your lenses. Make sure you remove all traces of dishwashing liquid – failing to do this will cause the lenses to be smeared when you dry them, so you will have to start the process again.

Gently shake away the water

By shaking your glasses very gently, you can hope to remove most of the water from the lenses. Now is also a good time to closely inspect your glasses to make sure they are fully clean.

Dry your glasses using a lint free towel

Be sure to use a dish towel that hasn’t been laundered with a fabric softener as this could smear the lenses. Always use a completely clean cloth as any trapped dirt or cooking oil could scratch or smear the lenses.

Final inspection

Look carefully to check for any smudges or streaks on the lenses. If there are any visible smudges, use a microfiber cloth to wipe them away. If you are unable to follow these steps, you can purchase pre-packaged lens cleaning wipes that are designed specifically for use on glasses.

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