Just because you might wear glasses, it doesn’t mean you can’t experiment with your make up. In fact, specs can give you the perfect opportunity to experiment with new looks and accentuate your features.

As it’s the season to get glammed up, we thought we’d focus on coming up with top ten make up tips for those of you who wear glasses. So, without further ado:

1. Lighten up your eye area
Glasses can accentuate dark circles and create shadows, so use a yellow toned concealer to lighten the areas around your eyes and nose.

2. Beautify your brows
While specs frame your eyes, your eyebrows frame your specs. The main thing here is to try and create a level of balance. For example, if you have heavy set glasses, go for a thinner, softer brow, and if your glasses have thinner frames, opt for a heavier brow.

3. Balance is key
If you’ve gone for a dramatic eye, remember not to over accentuate your lips. Opt for a neutral lipstick shade or even just a lip balm.

4. Carry a tinted moisturiser or concealer
If you wear glasses most of the day, you’ll know about how they eventually wear the make up around your nose off and leave a red mark. Carrying a tinted moisturiser or concealer will allow you to reapply your make up when you take your glasses off.

5. Prime your nose
You might also have experienced your glasses slipping off your nose, particularly if you work in a hot office environment. One of the best beauty tricks to stop this happening is to rub some primer into the bridge of your nose where your glasses sit.

6. Curl those lashes
If your eyelashes are particularly long and straight, curling them can stop them hitting the lens of your glasses.

7. Try waterproof mascara
The other trick for eyelashes that rub against your lenses and leave smudge marks is to use a waterproof mascara which is often more resilient. Also, applying it to the root of your lashes rather than the tip further protects your glasses.

8. Have a range of glasses to call on
You probably have more than one coat or pair of shoes in your wardrobe, and glasses should be no different. Having a range of specs to call on means you can pick your glasses to suit your chosen make up look.

9. Choose matching make up
When applying your eyeshadow and eyeliner, try and consider the colour of your frames. Using complementary colours can enhance your make up vibe, but if they clash, it can spoil your look.

10. Look after your eyes
Make up is a fantastic invention and can make us look great and feel more confident. But to maintain optimum eye health, we always advise people to take it off at the end of the day, not to share it with others and to throw away any products that might have been used around the time of an eye infection, such as conjunctivitis.

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