As summer approaches and the sun is staying out for a little bit longer in England, consider investing in a quality pair of UV protection sunglasses. Unfortunately, good weather does not call for a relaxed eye care routine. Instead, we encourage you to find sunglasses which can keep your eyes protected from the sun, while being prescription friendly.

Continue reading below to explore the importance of UV protection sunglasses this summer.

Protecting Your Eyes from UV Rays

Eyes can be sensitive and therefore require appropriate protection. Long term exposure to UV rays from the sun can be damaging to your eyes and can lead to cataracts. Cataracts in your eyes are clouded patches which develop on the lens of your eye, which can affect your vision. To lessen your risk of cataracts and to reduce complications from glaucoma and skin cancers, we urge you to wear sunglasses when the sun is out.

Reducing The Risk of Sunburn

Your eyes are just another part of your body which is at risk of being sunburned if not properly protected. Photokeratitis is an eye condition which is caused by the eyes not having enough protection against UV rays from both natural and artificial sources. This affects your corneas and is like having a sunburnt eye.

If you have been lounging in the sun for a long period of time and begin to notice your eyes becoming dry, itchy, watery, gritty or sensitive with light this is a sign that your eyes needed better protection from the sun while you were out.

Higher Risk Individuals

If you have received surgery for cataracts, take medication which can cause photosensitivity or you have light coloured eyes, you could be considered as a higher risk individual who needs to be careful about UV exposure to your eyes. UV protection sunglasses should be a staple accessory which you carry on you at all times, should you need them.

Shopping for UV Protection Sunglasses

Sunglasses work as both a great protector from UV and a stylish accessory, giving you the perfect reason to keep quality sunglasses in your wardrobe. At Dominic Tunnell Opticians almost our entire sunglasses range is available in prescription, including single vision, bifocal and varifocal lenses. We also have a selection of sunglasses designs which are ideal for extreme sports, including hiking, skiing and mountaineering.

Our team is here to help you to find the best sunglasses for UV protection ready for summer. You can find us on Mealcheapen Street in Worcester, open Monday to Saturday from 9am to 5.30pm.

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