The increasing popularity of spectacles for both practical and fashion-related use has seen the global eyewear market skyrocket in the past decade, with the industry expected to gross $165 billion by 2022.

But how have glasses continued to gain a foothold in modern style and become a must-have accessory? Here we list a just a few reasons why wearing specs has become a more accessible fashion choice for the masses…


Modern fashion trends have seen glasses incorporated into many of the latest seasonal looks, and into the minds of a style-conscious public. Glasses are now viewed as a favourable fashion choice for people across a broad range of demographics and are used to complement the majority of up-to-date clothing trends.

With spectacle wearers far more visible on high streets and catwalks than ever before, there’s no sign of glasses becoming off-trend any time soon.  


When the NHS first offered prescription glasses more than 70 years ago there was a very small range of just seven frame styles. Today, the options are endless! There are a huge number of variations available at high street stores and online, with consumers better placed than ever to find a pair of specs that suits their personal preference.   

At Tunnell’s we offer a large range of frames and lenses for short-sighted and long-sighted prescriptions, whether you wear spectacles for reading, driving or for everyday use.


Because glasses and prescription lenses are more widely available now than in recent years, consumers have a greater opportunity to find multiple pairs of high-quality frames within a price-range that suits their budget.

There is no compensating for quality, of course, so Tunnell’s offer an extensive range of affordable frames, all from a wide variety of brands that will meet your prescription needs and fashion goals.  

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