We’re all guilty of spending too much time on screens, but excessive screen time can wreak havoc with the health of our eyes. From dry eyes to strained eye muscles, to headaches and more, screens can have a lot to answer for.

How can screen time affect your eyes?

If you’re wondering how can screen time affect your eyes, the answer is, it affects them in a number of ways. Digital eye strain puts an extra burden on your eye muscles, which can affect how they focus. What’s more, when you’re looking at screens, you tend to blink less, which leads to the evaporation of tears, making them dry.
How to help prevent eye problems from screens

Invest in blue light glasses

Next time you book an optician’s appointment, ask about blue light glasses. Blue light is the type of light emitted by screens that can keep you awake and damage your eyes. Blue light glasses help block blue light out, and increase contrast on your screen, making it easier to focus.

Take regular breaks

When wondering how can screen time affect your eyes, knowing when to take breaks is important. While it’s easy to find yourself sitting at the computer all day, the importance of taking regular breaks cannot be underestimated. Having ten minutes away from screens, even for ten minutes here and there, is much better than sitting for hours at a time.

Keep track of your screen time

From television and computers, to tablets, phones and more, our lives have become increasingly dependent on devices. While this is often convenient, it can cause eye problems. Keep track of your screen time – including on your phone, tablet, tv and computer. Try and make positive changes by reducing that where you can.

Use technology to remind you to have breaks

It’s easy to get caught up in whatever you’re doing, but you can actually use your technological devices to remind you to have breaks. Whether you set a reminder using virtual assistant technology to have a break every hour, or put a reminder on your phone to take a walk, these little changes can make a huge difference to your eye health.

Keep screens out of the bedroom

Blue light suppresses the production of melatonin, the sleepy hormone. Having devices and screens in your bedroom can therefore impact your quality of sleep, making you fatigued and susceptible to headaches. If possible, make sure your bedroom is a place for sleeping, and remove screen time at bedtime.

Leave your phone behind

This tip might leave you panicking, but leaving your phone behind when you go out can help you resist the temptation to look at a screen. It’s easy to sit and scroll without realising you’re doing it, but if you don’t have a device with you, it won’t be a problem.
Book an optician’s appointment

One of the ways to ensure you’re on top of your eye health is to book an optician’s appointment every year, or more if instructed. You’ll be able to access eye health tips, get guidance on blue light glasses and discuss all things optical – and if you’re still wondering how screen time can affect your eyes, your optician will be able to help. To book an appointment at Dominic Tunnell Opticians, please call 01905 613020.

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