Dominic Tunnell are the only optician in Worcester who have been chosen to sell the Essilor Eyezen lenses before they go on general sale in March 2016.
These lenses are a brand new design that are aimed at the younger generation, to ease eyestrain caused by the consistent use of screens in this digital era. On average, four different screens are used for work, education and leisure whilst in a variety of postures. This can cause your eyes to tire from the effort of using screens for potentially up to five or more hours a day. Symptoms of digital eye strain include headaches, fatigue, burning or stinging eyes, neck and back pain and difficulty focussing.
The ever increasing use of digital devices has heightened our exposure to blue light emitted by LED screens. Most blue light is beneficial to human health but aspects of this spectrum can also pose threats such as being a factor for the onset of Age-Related Macular Degeneration. Read more about AMD here.
The figures are that more than 90% of 20-65 year olds use digital devices every day. The new Eyezen lenses are specifically designed for a connected life. Extensive research from Essilor has developed two important technologies – the Eyezen focus lens and Light Scan. These technologies filter light to protect eyes from harmful blue-violet light and also support the eye when focusing at ultra-near distances.
Essilor Eyezen lens are a single vision lense designed for permanent wear and support eye focus for the physiological needs of three age groups – young adults aged 20-34 years, pre-presbyopes aged 35-44 and emerging presbyopes 45-50 years. These lenses ease our muscles and the coating protect our eye from the harmful blue light.
Eyezen lenses present the latest technological innovation from Essilor.



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