Dealing with hearing loss can be both mentally and physically draining. But having to adjust your lifestyle just to make communicating a little easier doesn’t have to be. With so much support and technology available, there is always someone you can turn to when dealing with hearing loss.

Symptoms of Hearing Loss

If you or your family have increasing concerns over your hearing, consider the following symptoms before booking a hearing test.

  • Often asking people to repeat what they have said
  • Loud volume on the television and radio
  • Having to concentrate carefully on what other people are saying
  • Struggling to clearly hear and understand what others are saying, especially in noisy environments

Please keep in mind that symptoms can differ for a child with hearing loss or if you are only suffering in one ear. But if you are concerned, it is always worth booking a hearing test before it becomes too stressful.

Hearing Loss Solutions

Thanks to modern technology, there are effective solutions to assist with your hearing loss. The right solution for you will depend on the severity of your symptoms. For example, it could just be earwax build-up which needs to be softened with eardrops or extracted by a professional.

For permanent hearing loss, such as gradual hearing loss which comes with age, technology can help. The device you choose can help to support the little hearing you still have and make sounds clearer for you.

There are several types of hearing aids available to you. When speaking to your hearing aid audiologist, discuss your budget and what feels comfortable. Then they can guide you on which device is best suited to your needs.

Implants are also an option, which can be fixed to your skull or positioned deep down in your ear. They are a great option for cases where hearing aids are not enough.

Improving Your Communication

Once you have your new hearing device ready to go, that may be all you need for clear communication.

However, if you still feel under pressure when speaking to someone, consider different ways of communicating. Learning to lip read can be a significant skill to learn, to make one-to-one interactions less stressful. Particularly when you are in busy environments.

Alternatively, a long-term communication solution would be sign language. You may not need to sign full time but learning this skill can be valuable on days when you are struggling or for difficult words.

Supporting Family and Friends

If you have someone close to you who is dealing with hearing loss, there are ways you can help. Creating a less stressful environment can be step one, to allow them to concentrate easier during conversations.

  • Reduce background noise, such as washing machines and radios.
  • Purchase a vibrating or video doorbell.
  • Before speaking, say their name to get their attention.
  • Try to visit calm places with little foot traffic.
  • Face them when speaking so they can lip read and see your facial expressions.
  • Speak slowly and vary your volume to alter the different sounds in words.

Booking a Hearing Test

Losing one of your senses can be a difficult situation to deal with all on your own. Therefore, whether your hearing loss is permanent or temporary, we are always here to help at Dominic Tunnell Opticians. At our practice, our hearing specialist offers a bespoke hearing aid service.

This service will include a comprehensive hearing test with our hearing aid audiologist, followed by tailored help to find you the right solution for your needs, budget and preferred hearing aid style.

To book your hearing test, please contact our team today.

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