Eye’s back!

We will be re-opening the shop from 22nd June!

UPDATE 1/7/2020

Hello everyone,

After possibly the three longest months of everyone’s lives, we are back. We are now fully operational for all types of eye exams and contact lens consultations.

Obviously as with all businesses there have been changes in the practice. We now have two reception desks with screens around them, plastic chairs, a one way system in and out the shop and a sign by the front door asking you to wait whilst we take your temperature and direct you to the appropriate desk. Sometimes during busy periods we may ask that family members don’t wait around in the practice as we need to keep the number of people inside the shop at a safe level.

When making an appointment for an eye exam or contact lens consultation we’re asking everyone to fill in a questionnaire found on our website: www.tunnellvision.co.uk/questionnaires , this gives us really useful information about your eyes and general health so my Optometrists can tailor the eye exam accordingly. If you don’t have access to the internet we can email or post them to you, just ask.

To keep the time spent at close quarters to a minimum we are recommending our Optomap and OCT to every patient.

The Optomap can produce a scan of upto 200 degrees of the retina allowing my Optometrists to see parts of your retina that have remained pretty much unseen up until now. The traditional view on the diagram is the old retinal photo which is what most Opticians use, as we are the only Opticians in Worcester with an Optomap.

The diagram below shows a 3D scan produced by our OCT. We have 2 of these for each test room which enables every patient to take advantage of this amazing piece of technology which can detect most forms of retinal disease in their early stages to give you the best chance for treatment and healthy eyesight whilst maintaining social distancing. This scan allows us to look behind the retina especially the Macula which is responsible for very fine detail in our central vision.

Booking: We are here Mon-Sat 9:00am – 5:00pm to take your phone calls, and there is also an answering machine.

The practice has completed the required risk assessments to ensure your and our safety at all times.

We’re going to try really hard to make your visit as comfortable and risk free as possible, but if you have any concerns please do not hesitate to mention it to one of my team.

We look forward to welcoming you back.

Dominic and all the team at Tunnell’s 

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