Choosing a new pair of glasses can be more complicated than it sounds. You may find that some frames look amazing on the display shelf, but when you try them on, they just don’t suit you at all. It could be that the shape of this frame style does not compliment the shape of your face. 

Your face shape plays a key role in determining which glasses will suit you best, so let’s talk through important considerations for choosing new frames.

Matching Glasses to Your Face Shape

Before you can start searching for a new pair of glasses or sunglasses, you’ll need to think about which primary shape your face fits into, and which styles of frame best suit this shape. The general rule of thumb is that the glasses that will suit you the best are those that contrast with the shape of your face.

Glasses for oval faces

An oval face has pronounced cheeks, with a narrower forehead and chin, providing very well proportioned features, suitable for many different styles of spectacle frame. Most shapes and styles will work well on an oval face. Our advice is to choose frames that are as wide as the broadest part of the face.

For a striking, contrasting look, opt for rectangular frames. If you feel that a softer look would better suit your personality, rounder styles may be a better fit, for example, walnut shaped glasses.

Very narrow frames are not a good fit for an oval shaped face, as they can make the face appear longer than it is.

Glasses for round faces

Round faces are similar in width and length, with curved lines and no sharp angles. People with a round face often have gentle features, so a contrasting, rectangular, angular and narrow spectacle frame can be a great fit, helping to the lengthen the face. Round frames are not well suited to a round face, as they can make the face appear shorter, and even more round.

A defined bridge, and frames that are wider than they are deep provide a flattering contrast to soft and round facial features.

Glasses for square faces

Square faces feature a strong, broad jaw, and a broad forehead, with the length and width of the face having similar proportions. Round, oval and aviator style frames help to soften the features of a square face. Narrow oval glasses, with more width than depth, are great for making a square face appear longer.

Square shaped frames should be avoided, as they simply emphasise the square shape of the face.

Glasses for rectangular or oblong faces

Rectangular faces are longer than they are wide, and feature long, straight cheeks. Frames with more depth than width help to balance the face shape, making it appear shorter.

Glasses for heart-shaped faces

Heart-shaped faces feature a wide forehead and prominent cheeks, with a narrower chin. The eyewear that best suits a heart-shaped face helps to create a balance between the brow area and chin. Frames that are wider at the bottom, and rounder styles such as aviators and walnut shaped glasses help to achieve this.

Other tips for choosing the right frames

As well as your face shape, it’s also important to consider factors such as your skin tone, eye colour and hair colour in order to choose the glasses that will best compliment you.

Consider whether your skin tone and hair colour are considered ‘warm’ or ‘cool’ – frame colours for warm colouring include gold, copper, coral, off-white, red, warm blue, camel, khaki and blonde tortoise shell. Frames that suit cool colouring including black, silver, blue-grey, blue, darker tortoise shell, plum, magenta, pink and jade.

Help choosing the right glasses for you

For further advice and guidance in finding the perfect glasses to suit you, look no further than Dominic Tunnell Opticians. Our expert team in Worcester will be able to help you determine your face shape, and the frame styles that will best compliment your features. 

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