Our facial features and face shapes are all unique and like the clothes we wear to flatter our bodies, there are ways to make the most of our favourite facial features. As well as having a particular hairstyle, the glasses you choose can also flatter your face and make you feel more confident wearing them.

Although there is no one ‘right’ pair of glasses for you, as you should wear whatever you feel comfortable in, here are some tips if you’re looking for glasses which can help to enhance your features and look:

1# Wear glasses which contrast your face shape

The general rule for choosing a flattering pair of glasses is to pick a frame style that contrasts your face shape. So, if you have a round face, angular frames will help to create a narrower appearance. Likewise, rounder frames can soften a more angular jaw and are ideal for square shaped faces.

Heart-shaped faces are wider at the forehead and taper down towards the jawline. Frames that are bottom-heavy can help to create balance, and narrower frames also work to give the top of the face less volume. If you have an oval shaped face, you’re lucky in that you’ll suit almost all types of frames, so you can experiment with bolder styles.

The bridge of your frames also play a part in flattering your facial features. For wider noses, metal bridges can create a slimmer appearance, whilst dark, straight, and low bridges will shorten your nose. The brow bar can accentuate or detract from your forehead too, as a thicker brow bar will widen a narrow forehead and setting the brow bar on or above your brow line will shorten a high forehead.

2# Complement your skin tone

There are some colours which will look great with your skin tone and others which won’t be so flattering. While black frames will suit everyone, you can really create an eye-catching look by wearing glasses with subtle colour.

For paler skin tones, again adding contrast with colour is a good option. Navy or aubergine shades, or darker colours with pink or red undertones are very flattering. If you have pale yellow or olive toned skin, a brown or gold colour will compliment you. Cooler olive skin tones suit shades of blue and light green, whereas darker skin tones can go bolder with red, white or light yellow and tan.

3# Accentuate your hair

Considering what coloured frames will flatter your hair can also help you find the best-suited pair. Light blondes can go for contrasting darker shades, warm blondes suit reds and greens, and ash blondes would look good with black, navy or aubergine colours.

A tortoise or darker green frame would compliment redheads and auburn brunettes. For lighter and ashy brunettes, you can opt for a darker tortoiseshell. Black hair works well with almost any colour although pastel frames may wash you out.

4# Don’t be afraid to update the classics

If you want something a little more interesting than what you usually wear, you could choose a slight pattern or a get a pair with a clear or coloured edge inside the bottom of the frame. Thin classic metal frames can also be updated with a rounder shape, to add proportion to the face. Tortoiseshell is also widely popular and is very versatile, so you can play with different frame shapes and styles for a more unique look.

At Dominic Tunnell Opticians we stock a range of modern, classic and versatile styles to flatter your facial features and give you confidence. To see our complete range you can browse our products online, visit our Mealcheapen Street store or call 01905 613020 to arrange for an appointment.

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