Over the last year, many people have had to adjust to a rapid change in their work routine. For some this includes working from home and finding new ways to tweak the workspace for a healthy and comfortable work day. When working in front of a screen all day and then scrolling on mobile phones at night, we suggest looking into Blue Light Filter Glasses and eye drops for dry eyes. 

What are Blue Light Filter Glasses? 

If you frequently find yourself spending prolonged hours staring at a digital screen, you may be familiar with blue light. 

Being exposed to high energy light emitted from the sun in large amounts, including blue light, can increase your risk of eye disease. Blue light can be emitted by screens on smartphones, tablets and PCs. While the blue light from digital screens is much less compared to the sun, there are concerns about the long term effects of blue light emitted from digital screens and more research is needed to determine if it is harmful.

Blue Light Filter Glasses are fitted with specialist lenses which are designed to lessen how much blue light reaches your eyes. Sometimes Blue Light Filter Glasses can have lenses with a slight yellow tint to them, but are often barely noticeable. 

How Can I Benefit from Dry Eye Drops? 

Staring at your computer for too long without blinking can cause you to have dry eyes. This may be uncomfortable for some people, but eye drops for dry eyes can offer soothing relief. 

When browsing eye drops for any eye problems we advise that you first check with your optician to ensure you choose something which is right for you. 

Why is Caring for My Eye Health So Important? 

Caring for your eye health is important, just like caring for any other aspect of your health. When overusing PCs while working from home, caring for your eye health is especially important. 

If you are noticing discomfort or changes in your eyesight, please book an eye examination. During your appointment, your optician can check your eyes and recommend any necessary treatments or glasses prescriptions. 

Where Can I Buy Blue Light Filter Glasses and Eye Drops? At Dominic Tunnell Opticians we offer Blue Light Filter Glasses and eye drops to help you while working behind a computer screen. To order, visit our Worcester store or call 01905 613020 to speak to our team. 

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