Contact lenses are an ideal solution for those looking for freedom from wearing spectacles. With new advances in technology, many people who couldn’t wear a contact lens before most likely can now. A larger proportion of astigmatic prescriptions can now be corrected and are available in varifocal. All it takes is an appointment with our specialist Contact Lens Optician to advise you on the most suitable contact lenses for your eyesight needs.

Explore the benefits of wearing contact lenses below.

Improved Practicality

If you are participating in a fast moving sport, spectacles may become unstable, leaving them at risk of damage. For example, golf, tennis, cycling, skiing and running are a few of the sports where wearing contact lenses can be a more practical choice.

In addition, any activity which may involve you looking down a lot can leave you constantly pushing your spectacles back into place. Contact lenses are low maintenance during wear, and provide a feeling of normality as you carry on with your usual routine.

Enhanced Appearance

If you have an upcoming event where there will be lots of photography, you may not want to wear your spectacles. Or you may want to avoid any reflections appearing in the photographs. Therefore, contact lenses can provide a more natural appearance and won’t be a distraction in any photographs.

Clear Vision

Contact lenses can conform to the curvature of your eye to allow a wider field of view in comparison to spectacles. In addition, your vision while wearing contact lenses will not be distorted during the rain or steam up in warm environments. Thereby providing a much clearer field of vision for wearers.


Enquiring about contact lenses will not leave you tied to them forever. Contact lenses can be enjoyed to your convenience, whether you choose to wear them part time or just for special occasions. You can choose each day whether you would like to wear your spectacles or contact lens, depending on how you feel.

Contact lenses offer a lower maintenance vision aid, which is comfortable and completely unnoticeable to other people. However, for many people spectacles may feel more reassuring to wear and can be gentler on your eyes.

Booking in for Contact Lenses

At Dominic Tunnell Opticians our Contact Lens Opticians are here to help, with our youngest contact lens wearer being only ten years old! We offer an impressive range of contact lens brands at our practice, including Acuvue, Aqua Comfort Plus, Air Optix, Total Dailies, Freshlook Colours, Proclear and many more.

To book an appointment with our Contact Lens Optician, contact our team today on 01905 950267

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