Are you struggling with frequent headaches or eye fatigue? It may be time for new spectacles from your optician. Attending regular eye examinations ensures that your opticians prescription remains up to date to prevent avoidable issues with your eyesight. 

For further advice on the signs that you need new spectacles from your optician, continue reading below.

1. Headaches 

An outdated prescription or undiagnosed nearsightedness are two possible reasons from many to explain vision-related headaches. Alternatively, headaches could also be caused if the temples of your spectacle frames are pulling against the back of your ear, making it uncomfortable. This can be solved by your optician adjusting your frames to something better fitting or getting new spectacles all together.

To explore the possible reasons for your frequent headaches, book an eye examination with our team here at Dominic Tunnell Opticians.

2. Blurred Vision 

Regardless of what distance it is from, any type of blurred vision calls for an eye examination. This will decide what type of new spectacles you will need for clearer vision. 

Reading glasses do not require a prescription and can help to make text messages and writing – which once looked blurred – look clear again. For worse cases of blurred vision, see your optician about progressive lenses and if you are nearsighted, ask about a new prescription.

3. Double Vision 

If you are experiencing double vision quite often, it is important to speak to your optician as this can have implications. Double vision can be caused by strabismus, more commonly known as crossed eyes. After an eye examination, your optician may prescribe you a new pair of spectacles with a greater prismatic power. This prismatic power helps to correct issues with eye alignments, including double vision.

4. Squinting at Screens 

Digital eye strain can arise from staring at screens on computers, smartphones or any other type of digital device. If you find yourself in front of a screen for too long during the day, especially if you work on a computer, speak to your optician about computer glasses. 

Computer glasses are designed to help focus your intermediate vision and make what’s on your screen look clearer. They can also help to block blue light and make falling to sleep easier for you after you remove your spectacles at the end of the day.

5. Lens Damage 

If you have had your spectacles for a while now, they may have been accidentally damaged in some way. Scratches on your lenses can affect your vision and possibly cause eye strain, making replacement spectacles necessary. 

Also, attempting to clean your spectacles using hot water can damage the coating on your lens, such as anti-reflective coating or photochromic treatment. Therefore, when

receiving a new pair of spectacles, ask your optician for advice on how to safely clean them. 

Getting New Spectacles from Your Optician 

At Dominic Tunnell Opticians, we want everyone to make eyecare a top priority. In line with government guidelines, Dominic Tunnell Opticians are open throughout November and December 2020, taking appointments for eye examinations and contact lens consultations. 

To book your appointment, please call our team today on 01905950267.

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