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Optomap – Ultra-widefield Retinal Image

An Optomap Retinal Image captures more than 80% of your retina in one image (traditional methods typically reveal only 10-15% of your retina at one time).

It helps us detect early signs of diseases more efficiently and effectively than with traditional methods as well as letting you see your own retinal image in a unique 3D wrap sequence. The Optomap Ultra-widefield Retinal Image, helps your Optometrist protect your vision and maintain healthy eyes.

OCT: Optical Coherence Tomography (O.C.T.)

Unique and non-invasive imaging test which allows our Optometrists to look at cross-sectional layers of the retina and other structures. It is used to diagnose and monitor certain eye conditions, such as age-related macular degeneration (AMD), diabetic retinopathy and other diseases affecting the eye.

Each of the ten layers in the retina can be detected and the Optometrist can measure the thickness of each layer to aid in the early detection and diagnosis of retinal diseases and eye conditions.


Digital Retinal Photography

This gives us the opportunity to detect, view and monitor early signs of any sight threatening eye conditions. If required, the digital images of the retina can then be emailed to a doctor or ophthalmologist after your eye test. Our state of the art retinal cameras help the early detection of problems such as macular degeneration, glaucoma, retinal detachments and diabetic retinopathy.
These conditions commonly affect hundreds of thousands of people in the UK; the sooner they are detected, the sooner we can suggest a solution.

Field Screening

Visual field tests assess the potential presence of blind spots (scotomas), which could indicate eye diseases,neurological conditions and in some cases Glaucoma.


Glaucoma Screening

We can use three different methods for testing the IOP, the air-puff test, the rebound test and Goldman.

Air-puff uses a rapid air pulse to flatten the cornea, and the IOP is determined by the force of the air jet.

The Rebound test is calculated by bouncing a small plastic probe against the Cornea and the IOP is calculated from this. Very suitable for Children and people sensitive to the air-puff method.
Goldmann is considered to be the gold standard test and is the most widely accepted method.

A special disinfected prism is mounted on the tonometer head and then placed against the cornea. The pressure in the eye is determined from the force applied.

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