I have decided to temporarily close my shop door as of Monday 23/3/2020

To all our Fabulous Customers.

Due to the seriousness of the COVID-19 virus situation, for my teams and your family’s safety I have decided to temporarily close my shop door as of Monday 23/3/2020.

Any appointments that have been made are being cancelled and you should’ve already been contacted.

Behind closed doors we are still trading and offering limited eye care support during this time. We hope to fully return in the coming months and will post updates on our Facebook page and website:

We will be answering the telephone 01905 613020 every day 9:00am – 12:00 pm or longer depending on demand. If you would like to contact us via email it’s

As long as the supply chain remains open, we will continue to supply you with your contact lenses, solutions, eye drops and accessories.

We will also be running a repair service for damaged spectacles and replacement frames and/or lens service if needed. As we are keeping the door shut, we will take them from you at the door and deliver them back to you (at the door) when you call back. We will also run a delivery service as and when needed for those repairs that take a little longer.

These are incredibly difficult times so stay safe and please be assured we hope to open the doors very soon.

Take care of yourselves

From Dominic and all the team at Tunnell Opticians

For those of you who are customers of the Hearing Centre, we will continue to supply batteries, 1 box per person maximum. If you have any hearing concerns and wish to speak to the Audiologist please contact Harriett as follows:

M: 07572780951