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5 Possible Reasons Why Your Eye Won’t Stop Twitching

5 Possible Reasons Why Your Eye Won’t Stop Twitching Persistent eye twitching can be extremely irritating. But while there is normally no need for concern, there could be a reason for issues occurring. Applying a warm compress against your twitching eye and softly...

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How to Identify Eye Sight Issues in Your Child

Regardless of age, routine eye checks are essential for diagnosing eyesight issues as early as possible so they can be treated accordingly. Despite it being rare for children to have serious vision issues, you can never be too cautious. Initial eye checks are offered...

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How to protect your eyes this winter

With winter fast approaching it is important to adapt our behaviours in order to deal with the months of cold and wet weather ahead. This includes eating the right foods, making sure to wrap up warm, and talking every precaution to help protect our bodies during the...

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