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Why Eye Examinations for Children Are Important

Eye exams are important for adults and children for a number of reasons that go further than just making sure your vision isn’t blurry. An eye examination carried out by an optician can help to find any potential vision problems, as well as any other symptoms that may...

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Hay Fever: How to cope if you wear Contact Lenses

With 10 million sufferers in England alone, Hay Fever is a widespread and uncomfortable condition best recognised for causing nasal congestion, sneezing and irritation of the eyes. For those who wear contact lenses, this can be a particularly difficult issue,...

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Eye Symptoms Which Can Warn Health Problems

When observing your surroundings, 80% of what you perceive is through sight. Therefore, as one of our most important senses, excellent eye health is crucial. With regular eye appointments with a qualified optician, we can spot early signs of health risks before they...

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