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Why wearing glasses may mean you are smarter

In many ways, glasses have always been a symbol of intelligence. Whether it’s a character in a film or someone we meet for the first time, if they are wearing glasses our first impression of them is most often an assumption that they’re smart. But now we know that...

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Top tips for looking after your glasses

As anyone who has bought a new pair of glasses will know, it can be a tough to keep our spectacles in tip top condition! So here we offer a few top tips for looking after your glasses that should keep them looking and working better for longer.   Every day lens...

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How wearing glasses became an accessible fashion choice

The increasing popularity of spectacles for both practical and fashion-related use has seen the global eyewear market skyrocket in the past decade, with the industry expected to gross $165 billion by 2022. But how have glasses continued to gain a foothold in modern...

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