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5 Ways to Improve Your Optical Health

The ability to see is something many of us take for granted, but few of us realise just how harmful everyday activities such as using a computer for a long period of time or going outside without suitable sunglasses on a very sunny day can actually be. Let’s take a...

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World Sight Day 2016

World Sight Day (WSD) 2016 takes place on the 13th October. The purpose of this event, which is held annually on the second Thursday in October, is to focus worldwide attention on blindness and vision impairment, raising awareness of the importance of regular sight...

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Our Top Tips for Cleaning Your Glasses

As we wear our glasses on a daily basis, they can quickly get dirty over time and there is nothing more irritating than a smudged lens. Many of us get into bad habits such as using the shirt we are wearing to clean our glasses, however, this is a terrible way to clean...

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