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Police crackdown on drivers with defective eyesight

In our last blog post, we discussed how with 48 million motorists currently registered in the UK, there are likely millions of people driving with eyesight below the minimal required standard. Whilst drivers are required to pass a simple eyesight test in order to get...

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Is Your Eyesight Good Enough to Drive?

Recent figures suggest that around half of all British drivers are unaware of a vital self-check eyesight test that they should be carrying out on a regular basis. Whilst British drivers are required to pass an eyesight test in order to get a driving license, the DVLA...

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An orange a day keeps your eyesight from failing

Forget an Apple A Day… Scientists Reveal That an Orange a Day May Protect You from Failing Eyesight. Protecting your eyesight for as long as possible is essential for preserving your quality of life. Recent studies have concluded that eating oranges daily can lessen...

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